Evelyn Freshwater Interview

Evelyn interviewed at Dragon’s Delight, Cardiff in 2015.

An introduction to Artista Soft

Evelyn introduces the range of Artista Soft pastes, which offer a fantastic alternative to the traditional methods of icing or gumpaste.

Handmade Rose made with Artista Soft Paste

Evelyn produces a handmade rose with Artista Soft modelling paste, not using icing/sugar. This unique paste makes flower making so simple.

Colouring / dusting an Artista Soft rose

Evelyn shows the finishing touches by colouring the Rose (dusting) to bring the whole flower to lifespeed

Lisianthus made with Artista Soft Paste

Evelyn delivers a step by step guide to making a Lisianthus with Artista Soft modelling paste.
Video runs at 1.5x actual speed